I just came across a thought, how to utilize a 64-bit processor. One of such a piece is at Pi-Labs, may be. [CTO’s PC].

So, the thought is if we design a simple application on 64-bits processor that runs with exactly two instances. Both instances are made to work on separate 32 bits, that is one on lower 32-bits and other on higher 32-bits. After this, we can run 32-bits Virtual Machine Software on each of these instances, or let these instances handle 32-bits Operating Systems them selves.

In this way, we have two Operating Systems running at the same time, yet using full 32-bits resources, each of them. For instance, one of them runs Windows7, for Windows Phone7 Development and other for H/Macintosh for iPhone Development, and all we have to do is, press [Windows + Alt + Tab] to switch between them.

The important thing here is that, we do not waste any resources and utilizing hardware capabilities to its level best. The point of discussion with readers, is to identify the possible architectural problems in afore mentioned thought and to get to know, if such a thing already exists in the real world.

Thank You for reading.